Noah Finn's First Shoes.

I never thought that shoe shopping for someone else could be so much fun--that is, until I began my search for Noey's first pair. Dean and I took Noah to Wee Soles--an incredibly cute kid's shoe store in Silverlake to get him correctly sized a few weeks ago in preparation for the big purchase.

It had been such an act of restraint for me to not buy a pair sooner--an official "big boy" pair. We knew that it was best to allow him to walk barefooted or socked (or if unpreventable, in soft-soled shoes, like these Robeez we had and loved) as much as possible when learning and even in the first few months of walking.

But the day finally came this week when we felt Noah Finn was ready for some real deal foot bling and after an exhaustive search for just the right pair (and only after a suggestion from my dear mama comrade, Asami) did I find Noah's glass slipper--the "Ocean" sandal by See Kai Run.

They arrived in the mail yesterday after just a day of waiting and Dean and I decided to take him out for a late afternoon trial run in the park. The thing was, not much running or walking, for that matter, occurred. Noah much preferred to sit in the grass and on Daddy's lap for story time instead.

Oh well, they still looked achingly cute nestled among the grass blades . . . motionless. And, if I really look at the bright side, I could also say that it made them awfully easy to photograph.

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