Happy Hearts Day: A Day For Love, Kisses & Crafts.

The day of love, of romance, of sweet tart candy hearts, of trading pieces of paper that contain mushy sentiments, is upon us and I simply love this day. Not for the aspect of hyper commercialism surrounding it--cheesy Kay's Jewelers commercials, boxes of cheap chocolates decorated with silk flowers, cards with pre-bought/pre-thought generic messages in them--but because it is a day that forces us to slow in our hurried daily pace and remember to say "I love you" to all of those that we hold dear.

This week, Noey Finn and I had a few mama/baby friends over for a make-a-card-for-daddy afternoon. It was an opportunity to meditate out our own heartfelt messages of love into cards made by hand. And though the mamas ended up doing most of the crafting with the exception of a glued button or red scribble here and there, it was a ton of fun had by all.

Dean and I went for a date in St. Valentine's name last night--we ventured to a sheik little pub in Culver City specializing in artisanal craft microbrews called Father's Office. The munchies were fair but the beer was divine. While I sipped away on an exotic ale, Dean ventured into more hearty and frothy lagers. After a few vows to talk no more about Noah and kids in general, our conversation drifted into territory more similar to those had before bearing a child--when we were just us--before we became three. Though the whole event was an extensively pared down version of the more extravagant ways we used to celebrate during the 8 years before Noah, it was just perfect for us now.

Today, I am crafting for Valentine's again with Asami and Kai--we hope to make these incredibly so, so sweet crocheted cards that Asami found on "the purl bee". Most of the action probably will not occur until we wrangle the babes into bed. But once we do, we are expecting sheer cuteness-by-hand.

Tomorrow, on Valentine's Day, Dean, myself and Noah Finn are headed for a family picnic on the beach in Malibu and perhaps some fresh seafood by sunset. We may even spend a few minutes perusing the area for a possible new homestead, but more about that later. In the meantime, we intend to spend Valentine's Day together as a family--doing what we love to do most--being together. We hope you will be spending it in the same way too.

Happy Hearts Day from us to you.

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jennifer said...

sounds like good times. thanks for the link to the father's office. that looks like fun. the culver city location is VERY close to where our new house is. :) will have to check it out soon.


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