Love, By Hand--Crocheted Valentines.

Okay, so these are no gleaming copies of the beauties over at the purl bee--those cute little inspirations that I spoke about just the other day--but for my first crocheting attempt ever, I'd say they are a.o.k. Crocheting is much, much harder than it looks. Who ever thought that pulling a loop of yarn through another teeny tiny loop with a long hooked needle was a good idea? Probably the same man who thought pantyhose, bras, and thongs were a good idea too. Not to throw the tradition of crocheting in with lingerie, but it's h a r d and just about as tiring as a persistent wedgie.

But, I'm excited to have a new notch on my crafting belt . . . and my Valentines here at the homestead got one of these hard-won beauties and (the other I made on Weds.) on that dreamy day of love at the end of all of the toil.

I hope you and yours enjoyed a love day as lovely as I.


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asami said...

I'm so proud of you, Joni! You are ready to crochet more! Anytime you want, let me know!!

I missed this fun stamp time, so cute! I have to say this "heart" is better than "heart cookie" because you actually can keep it forever!


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