Noah Hearts Nectarines.

Noah's new "fav" food of the week is nectarines. I cannot keep our stock of them in the fruit bowl--I have to hide them behind picture frames and bookshelves--out of sight. When he sees one, he cries "ball" with his arms outstretched while fingers grasp the open air. He'll eat them all in a day. Everyday. So we ration them--one at each meal and snack. That adds up to five nectarines a day. Here's a newly walking testament to why buying organic fruit is so important. Otherwise, he'd surely have three eyes and 14 toes by week's end.


Anonymous said...

Check out the INTENSE look in his eyes in the lower RH photo - that kid seriously loves him some nectarines!

OK, where'd you get the pants? I've been eyeing some similar Gap pants, but they're "aged" and Henry's clothes need no help looking beat up. These are darling! Noey, such a fashion plate.

XO Carrie

j o n i said...

Actually, they ARE from the Baby Gap. lol! I found them in the toddler sale section--so go and get yours fast!

You can't really tell in the pic, but they are blue and white striped, are adjustable in length and are super light weight so they are comfy too! We love them!

Anonymous said...

OK, that seals it!

Now I'm laughing all over again at the wild look in Nectarine Noah's eyes!

j o n i said...

okay...they are actually grey and white striped. and, yes, he's raving mad for them! lol



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