Car Picnic.

The weather here today is chilly, rainy and Noah Finn is a little snuffly. It took us from the time we woke up this morning until 5 minutes before we were supposed to leave to discuss and waiver around whether or not we were going to attend our Friday morning parent's group.

Finally, after a frenzied teeth brushing, changing and packing event, we decided to make a break for it and headed over to the eastside 10 minutes after the start of the group. By the time we arrived--some 30 minutes late and soggy--our little guy was sound asleep in the backseat of the car.

Now, this is a dilemma of grand proportions that only parents truly know. But, very early on, we instituted an unwritten family rule of sorts--never wake a sleeping baby. If they're sleeping, we figure, they must need the rest. This child-rearing code of ours has meant that we have spent many hours in a parked car twiddling thumbs while listening to NPR on the radio--or many a derailed yoga, playdate or lunch plan because Noah decides to doze just minutes before walking out of the door.

These moments are frustrating. It takes minutes, hours even sometimes, to prepare for an excursion: Diapers? check. Diaper covers? check. Wipes? check. Sippy cup? check. Snack cup? check. Snacks? check. Extra socks? check. Jacket? check. Extra set of clothes? check. A few toys for distraction purposes? check. Snot rag? check. check. check.

But, for us, they also mean that if all else is rotten on any particular day of parenting, at least we made our best effort towards having a well-rested child. And as any parent also knows, being well-rested is more than half of the ingredients needed to make a happy child and, thus, good day for all.

So, we made the best of our situation and drove away from our earlier destination's parking lot and into the metered parking of a favorite cafe of ours down the street for coffee and pastry take-out. We had a car picnic, in the rain, in the car, and it was lovely. As the pastries drew to crumbs and our backseat sleeper began to stir, we started the car and began for home.

Nap? check.


Anonymous said...

Way to go with the flow, mama! Sounds lovely.

XO Carrie

Jasie VanGesen said...

I have a feeling that "never wake a sleeping baby" will be a rule in our home once we have another. It's a rule I didn't follow with Silas and probably could have fairly easily. This morning he woke up half an hour earlier that usual (damn early spring weather where it gets light out earlier, gah!) and it's thrown my whole morning for a loop... so we have the opposite problem from you now that he's entering pre-adolescence.... my plans and vibe get all out of whack when he DOESN'T sleep. :P

j o n i said...

Thanks, mama Carrie and Jasie, pre-adolescence?! Cripes! Thinking of anything near the teen years gives me hives! lol! But, I have to say, it will only be a matter of time before Silas is a pimply teen and you won't be able to pay him to stay awake. Then, you can sleep mama.



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