Beautiful Things.

After having a baby, it's easier than ever to find beauty in the simplest things around you. Everything seems burgeoning with life, color, vibrancy, sparkle. You take note of, acknowledge, and appreciate those beautiful little things that life has placed near you.

Lately, Noah crawls into our laps with a book for us to read to him. He wobbles to his green bookshelf, waddles over to Dean or I, crouches low, shimmies into our waiting lap, hands us the chosen book, and waits for the story to begin.

Our hearts melt as we see him intentfully approaching with a smile and I know that both of us are silently chanting, "pick my lap, pick my lap".

It's such a sweet, sweet, beautiful thing.


Carrie said...

My heart feels like it's going to explode with love several times a day - Henry hugs me when he wakes up, we have a new call-and-response routine ("Henry!" "Mama!"), I watch him climb up on the dog, ask to go in the swing, I can hear him shrieking with glee playing hide and seek with his Grandma - sometimes this life is just so beautiful! How blessed we are to have these marvelous boys!

Johanna said...

your post gave me a huge smile!


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