Milestones Are Expensive.

More baby gear. It never ends, I fear. Each milestone has a price tag and this month several of them have come all at once: first "big boy" shoes, next step in carseats, next and last size in cloth diapers, a shiny new ergonomic red potty chair, and some other fun "kind of needs" that I sneakily threw in to get free shipping (a whale faucet cover and bath toy storage).

It's funny how having children creates a never-ending need for stuff. And we try not to overdo stuff--we try to minimalize, we try not to pork out with overconsumption, we try to recycle, reduce and reuse. I love craig's list. But you never can be sure that a carseat hasn't been in a wreck, and a used potty, well, we won't even go there.

So, today was necessary--the stuff buying, it was needed . . . and it was a day that I got to gear up again with many firsts (shoes, potty) and lasts (cloth diapers) for my very quickly growing little dude.


Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

I NEED to know where you ordered the whale faucet cover! Please!

j o n i said...

Hey Holly!

It is the whale faucet cover by Skip Hop. Just google it and a ton of competitive rates for stores that are carrying it online will appear. It's cheap! Have fun! xoxo

j o n i said...

Actually, it's technically called the "Moby Bath Spout Cover" in Sky Blue.


Carrie said...

Used potty, LOL!


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