Beach Bums.

We beached it today. Yup, Daddy had a middle of the week day off and it was fabulous!

But, we don't have a single photo to show for it. Nope. Mama left the camera's memory card in the card reader at home plugged into the computer. So . . . no pictures of Noah ingesting massive quantities of sand--and loving it!--no pictures of the incredibly random and quirky pumpkin patch in someone's yard just one block from the beach, no pictures of our nifty new beach umbrella, no pictures of Noah's belly folding over the top of his swim trunks, or of him bare bumming it in the surf, or of him and Daddy rolling in the sand, or, or, or. Oh, well. I guess I'll always have this post to serve my memory.

Yay, for fun summertime family beach days AND video cameras. We did get a few minutes of footage . . . before the battery died.

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Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

Some day (after pre-med, and {hopefully} med school is over) we want to live in BC, preferably Vancouver. I so look forward to being near the ocean.


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