Mommy Zombie.

I haven't had as much zest this week, as much zing, as much umpfh as I usually do--I've really been somewhat of a mommy zombie.

Probable culprits are Noah's erupting 2nd tooth and Dean's intense schedule this week. He's in the studio working on a deadlined project--clocking 12-18 hour days--really just coming home to sleep before returning to the studio. That means 24 hour a day baby duty for mom--rise with the wee munchkin and set with the wee munchkin and everything in between with the wee munchkin (that means nightlong suckling, too). Between that and bouts of cranky crabby pants due to teething tribulations, Noah has been a tough customer to please and mommy has been operating on little sleep, few showers and thin patients. Point in short, I don't know how single mothers do it. I give them props, mad props.

However, I am not so much of a mommy-downer that I can't admit it hasn't been entirely all glum and grumps . . . there have been quite a few moments of giggles and goos and an incredibly overdo visit from the giddy newlyweds-to-be, Eddie Jo & Annie. Extra congrats to Eddie who is headed to Notre Dame to seek a MFA five days after his honeymoon! That's right, they have to get married, honey the moon in Europe and move to Indiana all in a month and half--that's right a little over 6 weeks. Crazy, yes . . . crazy in love!

And, happiness lies ahead for us, too, as we have a 3-day weekend off with dad shining like a beacon of hope ahead of us. Though it's already over scheduled with places to be and people to see, it will just be nice to have an extra set of arms to do some holding, hands to do some diaper changing and patients to do some consoling.

And, because dad at home means gourmet meals for mom, it also means no more of these . . . at least for the 3-day weekend.


"Auntie" Jessica Mullen said...

PB&J is the finest of gourmet meals. They got me through college and a few years following college. You get 3 of your 5 food groups - wheat, meat& beans (peanut butter) and fruit! Very well balance meal. oxoxox

Anonymous said...

Yay, three-day-weekend! Have a great time with your guys!


Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

I <3 PB! PB and jelly, PB and banana, PB and honey...mmmmmm...YUM!

EddieJoe said...

It was great seeing you yesterday. You looked wonderful!! If you were sleep deprived and unshowered, we couldn't tell. And Noah was a such a charmer, and so well behaved! Ok love...hope to visit again soon.


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