Feeding Our Little Foodie: Part 2.

It seems that in addition to going ga ga for gear, mamas also like to chat sustenance. Once the boob or bottle gets it's walking papers (or more likely, bathroom pass, if you're like me and plan to nurse into early toddlerhood) at around 6 months of age, the bright, colorful and beautiful world of food suddenly opens up for both mama and baby.

It is extremely exciting--but it can also be very overwhelming. As regular readers of this blog know, I make all of Noah Finn's babyfood at home using fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. And, I want to make it one of my blog's missions to convince other moms out there, whether they're on the fence about making their own babyfood or entirely opposed to it, that it really isn't so hard and that the incredibly delicious, nutritious and loving results are well worth the time.

For all of you moms out there who may be looking for an idea or two--and to follow up last week's foodie post--here's another menu of the large two week or so batch that I prepared tonight:
  • green beans with fresh garlic
  • curried peas
  • plums
  • papaya
  • carrots with a little fresh ginger
  • prunes & bananas
  • nectarines
  • pumpkin with a dash of freshly grated cinnamon
I dabbled briefly with explaining my process last week, but if anyone would like for me to go into more detail, I'd be happy to--anything to get you started! Otherwise, as I have already mentioned, wholesomebabyfood.com has been an incredibly valuable reference as has the book, "Super BabyFood" by Ruth Yaron.

So, happy puréeing. If you haven't already, give it a try! If you're an old pro, please feel free to share any yummy recipes that have been successful with your little one--I am always looking for fun new flavorful ideas!


jennifer said...

that sounds divine. i still have a few months before beginning this stage with my second. i am inspired indeed. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Yum! That all sounds so good! This week Henry has been chowing down on bananas, peaches, sweet potatoes, and a bite of applesauce. We just went shopping so that next week he can check out apricots, prunes, nectarines, and pumpkin. (I hope he doesn't turn orange.) Note to self: check book to see when he can eat green stuff.

Two questions for the baby food maven. 1) We got a set of 1 oz freezable containers as a gift and I wish I had more - do you have somewhere in town where you buy yours? 2) Any tips for taking this show on the road? We're traveling up to Northern California the first week of August and I suppose I'll just throw my stick blender in with everything else and cook when we get there.

XO Carrie

m a m a :: m i l i e u said...

Lol--thanks for the compliment, Carrie--you're too sweet. I am not sure I'm worthy of the title "maven", but I'll take it!

To answer your first question: We by our "baby cubes" at The Pump Station, though I've also seen them at a few other places online and I am sure if I really looked, there'd be a few more places in town that I'd find them. Maybe after our next BoB meeting we can head over to the Pump Station on Vine together? I only have two of them as well as three ice cube trays and that seems to be enough. But, I guess it depends on how much you'd like to make at a time.

As far as traveling is concerned...I'd say you've got the right idea. That's exactly what I'd do! Perhaps just throw a few cubes in an insulated container and you can take a few for the road too. Most purees are fine at room temp. for several hours. Let me know how it goes! :)


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