Busy Bees Make The Sweetest Honey.

This week goes down in the record books as one of the best with baby so far. No, Noah is not sleeping better. He's actually sleeping worse than he ever has before (up every 20-45 minutes) at night. No, Dean hasn't had a ton of time off and no, we didn't decide to hop on a plane for a spontaneous family summer vacation. This week has just been busy--but in the best possible ways.

Here's a rundown:
  • Monday--we hosted our first large group playdate . . . and it was a HIT!
  • Tuesday--we went to a pool playdate at Mommy Sherry's house and swam with all of the other M.I.L.K. babies and mommies.
  • Wednesday--we hosted another large group playdate, "Babies On Blankies" and again, in MY humble opinion, it was HIT!
  • Thursday--we went to another pool playdate at Mommy Andrea's house and swam with more M.I.L.K. mommies and babies.
  • Friday--we went to a playdate at Mommy Fenche's house.
Actually, Noey and I have been quite busy ever since he was very young--we joined the Los Angeles M.I.L.K.S. mom group when we was only 8 weeks old, for example--and not to forget hiking in the Hollywood Hills when he was only 3 weeks old. But our attendance at events and all of the other activities on our social calendar for the last nearly 7 months has been spotty, irregular and unpredictable. Why? Because Noah has been possibly the most challenging sleeper in the state of California since the day that he was born.

But this week, and I am not sure why because Noah's horrible sleeping habits are still horribly horrible, we have successfully made it to an activity every day of the week. The end result is a super socialized mommy and, it seems, a very happy baby who has gotten to chew on a plethura of other babies' toys. I somehow feel as if I have achieved yet another mommy milestone. I am not so sure that it's not just Noah's age--about to turn 7 months next week--that is allowing us to mobilize more easily, and thus, more regularly . . . but hey, I'll take it!

With Daddy working hard in the studio on a project until possibly next weekend, we have even more other mommy and baby time in our near future. We have a Saturday trip planned to IKEA for a high chair purchase--and of course, tacos at Chevy's right across the street! I may even make a toast with my frosty margarita that goes something like this . . . Yay for busy happy, albeit sleepless, babies!


Rosanna =) said...

Sleep is highly overrated anyway! *wink*
Sounds like you guys had a wonderful week!

And your blog is one of my new faves in my RSS feeds!

JJ Keith said...

Oooh. Ikea. Check out the sweet nursing room near the entrance to the left of the escalator. There's a rocker and everything. I'm a slut for free diapers.


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