To Party Like A Rockstar . . . Again.

So, alas, we have graced another celebrity birthday party . . . same family, different child's super special day. But this time, instead of an incredibly coiffed flock of petting zoo friends it was a Star Wars themed bash!

The news of each kid coming as a Star Wars character sent me scrambling last week to find the perfect get up for little Noey Finn's first costume gala. I found the cutest costume that perhaps has ever been spotted--an infant Chewbacca suit--but surprisingly, I could not find it anywhere in the city so we had to settle for ol' Yoda instead.

Noah still rocked the event and the long green ears. He had an incredible time watching all of the other party munchkins throw around lightsabers as they recreated movie action scenes and the hired Darth Vader tied long colorful balloons into dogs on leashes, flowers and bunny rabbits.

May the peace be with you and this pea, Papa . . .


Rosanna =) said...

omg!!! what a cute little yoda!!!
I wanted a star wars costume for Fin for Halloween....that chewbacca just might be the winner.

Mary Beth said...

Oh my gosh, he looks adorable!!!! Love those Yoda ears. We may seriously have to get one of those hoods--my boys are so into dressup. Where did you get that?

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, he is so awesome! Yes, please tell us your source for the Yoda costume...Henry may need it come October...if I can talk my husband into the Luke Skywalker jammies.

Props to those parents...rockstar or no, that is no joke throwing two kid parties in row!

Hope to see you Wednesday!

XO Carrie

JJ Keith said...

I showed this picture to Bea and she said she was going to mug Noah Finn and take it. I told her that's not nice, but we better keep an eye on her next time she sees Noah Finn.


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