Brain Slump.

So, I have been feeling 100% uninspired lately. Some weeks the sight of a flower sends me into creative overdrive as I craft soliloquies in my sleep and think in "blogspeak" as I shower. But for the last few days . . . the creative tap has run dry--if you haven't already noticed. And I am not sure why. Perhaps it's the heat. Perhaps it's the lack of sleep (Noah is almost 7 months and still wakes up a million times at night and still takes forever to fall asleep). Perhaps it's just "mombrain" settling in.

Whatever it is, hopefully I'll be up and running with full mental cylinders within the next day or two. Hopefully . . .


Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

Oh man...I hate hitting slumps like that. I'm trying to build up a reserve of already written blog posts so my content doesn't suffer when it happens. I do have a list of blog topics, but not the fully written posts to go with them.

Rosanna =) said...

Fin also wakes up a million times at night. Will we EVER catch up on our missed sleep??!! "mombrain" is in full effect here!


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