Happy Birthday Canada!

My good friend from college, Jessica, and I have a longstanding running joke about beavers that stems from the fact that my family has always, or at least as long as I can remember, referred to the female genitalia as a "beaver". Whenever we find especially funny beaver-related things, we send them to one another.

She sent me this YouTube video today and I am so glad she did because it wasn't the rosiest of days in mommyland. Other than our afternoon outing for "Babies On Blankies" Wednesdays, Noah was a pretty cranky teething monster and I am operating on even less sleep than usual because of Dean's crazy work schedule this week.

So, in honor of "Oh! Canada Day!" (the 142nd Birthday of Canada) today, I couldn't think of a better reason to share it with all of you (other then the fact that it's pretty freakin' hilarious too!).

P.S. It's funny that she sent this today because this afternoon we were discussing what we were thinking of teaching our children to call vaginas and penises--the "real" words or slang terms. I, of course, shared that I was seriously considering the term "beaver".

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